Ca' Bolani

Traversed by 999 hundred-year-old cypress trees and with a surface area of more than550 hectares under vine, Ca' Bolani represents the most extensive vineyard in northernItaly. The estate, a true Vine Park where excellent wine production goes hand in hand withthe protection of flora and fauna, is located in the heart of Aquileia DOC, an area ofabsolute beauty, squeezed between the Alpine arc and the Adriatic Sea.

The Greek historian Herodian, narrating the story of Emperor Maximilian, gives a sublimeand majestic image of these lush landscapes where "arranged are the trees at equaldistances, and coupled are the vines, forming a jolly picture, so much so that those landsseem adorned with leafy crowns."

An ecologically sustainable approach is essential to protect this land of inestimable beautyand millennial culture. Quality wines are produced here, thanks to the control of the entireproduction chain, from vineyard to distribution, with meticulous precision. The estatemakes use of the most modern viticultural and enological techniques, without ever losingsight of the ethical principles of respect for nature, protecting the local tradition andfavoring the production of wines of distinct typicality.
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