Founded in 1821 in Gambellara, ZONIN is a company with more than 200 years of history,a symbol of Made in Italy products around the world, which preserves, interprets andpromotes Italian wine culture internationally. Inclusive, welcoming and accessible, theVenetian brand, thanks to its products, celebrates the lightness and positivity thatdistinguishes daily life made up of shared pleasures and joys to which we toast with ourfamily, friends and all the people we love most.

The beating heart of this all-Italian enterprise is the Zonin Family, which for sevengenerations has passed down a unique heritage with a progressive look to the future; carefor the territory, respect for biodiversity, enhancement of local wine-making traditions,technical experimentation, innovation in production processes and sustainabledevelopment are all key elements that express the company's DNA.

Thanks to these elements and the great passion for Italian wine culture, ZONIN winescontinue to receive celebrated awards and coveted trophies that underscore their authorityand excellence. These include the Decanter World Wine Awards, the Berliner WineTrophy, the China Wine & Spirits Awards, Falstaff, Gilbert & Gillard, Mundus Vini and theInternational Wine Challenge.
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